The law firm offers a simplified method of signing service agreements for assignments in an electronic form. The contract is fully transparent and specifies the price and range of legal services provided.

The contract’s objectives:

  • It defines the scope of the assignment (for both consulting services and legal proceedings)

Establishing legal steps:

  • Preparation of a preliminary opinion or advice
  • Presentation of the proposed strategy

Estimate of the approximate time of performance:

  • Determination of procedural steps in litigation
  • Determining the dates of judicial hearings
  • Estimate of the duration of the procedure

Fees and overhead costs are estimated at the outset, but can be subject to possible increase (only with client’s consent) in case of unforeseen circumstances

  • Hourly rates are adjusted to the case at hand
  • The client receives a preliminary budget for approval
  • In litigation matters, a success fee can be agreed
HSG Avocats offers competitive rates by minimizing operational costs whilst maintaining the highest level of services.